You are a spiritual powerhouse in the making.

You know what you want, and your brain moves at the speed of light. 

You take massive actions, every day, and you love it. Not because you like to “hustle for hustle”, but because that’s how you operate.

Because of the way your brain is wired, you are highly creative, and you work fast. 

Delegating is haaaaaard, because you don’t have the patience for it!

The money is there, the success as well, but you’re still pretty much a one-woman shop, and you are starting to see the limits it is imposing on your business growth and spiritual evolution journey. 

That is frustrating. 

And if you continue this way, you know it will simply …

… create more leeks in your energy field.

… let tons of money on the table simply because you can’t be bothered to do everything.

… make you more and more sick thinking of the gazillions of marketing tactics everyone is telling you that your “should” put in place.

You see, the way you have been working is perfectly fine! But it has its limit. 

Your high creative power has led you to create tons of silos in your marketing, which don’t speak to each other. 

And that is potentially leaving tons of money on the table.

But you don’t have TIME to do otherwise, don’t you?

Here is where I come in. 

My magic is in helping you set up your own Energetic Omnipresence Map where you can be in your creative flow most of the time, while your team does the heavy lifting behind the scene. 

If you have been looking for someone with a brain wired the same way as yours, who can channel the right content marketing strategy that are a match to your frequency, and who is geek enough to train your team to set it all up for you, then we need to talk 🙂

Stephanie Hetu

Intuitive Business Channel

Hello fellow spiritual entrepreneur, 

I’m a geek online marketer who’s been at it online since 2003, and who went through a spiritual awakening along the way. You know, the usual I-got-a-special-need-kid-followed-by-divorce-and-near-bankrupcy dark night of the soul? Been there, done that haha

Since then, I channel Energetic Omnipresence Map for my clients, helping them create a content marketing strategy that is a right fit for them. 

I have a deep passion for storytelling and helping spiritual leaders craft the perfect content to reach more people and convert them into raving fans and clients. 

If you’d like to chat, feel free to book a call with me, or reach out on Messenger. I’m a nice gal, with a bit of a twisted sense of humor, and we can see if we are a good match. 

What is your most pressing needs at the moment? 

I need to be in my creative flow and delegate the rest to my team! 

I need to learn how to infuse my content with spiritual storytelling!


© 2022 Stéphanie Hétu

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