Spiritual Storytelling

When we sell transformational work, it’s not always easy to put a clear ROI on what we offer. 

You can’t really say “Invest 10k here, and you’ll make 50k back in no time” when you help people on their journey into awareness. 

This is where Spiritual Storytelling comes into play to make a great difference in your communication and marketing. 

If you have been pouring content on social networks for a while and each time you feel that it falls flat… 

Or if you have great engagement on your posts, but nobody buys from you… 

Then learning to use Spiritual Storytelling in your content will be the best investment of your time and money. 

Yes, you could delegate the creation of your content, but that is not always the best thing to do. Having someone like me with 15+ years of experience that gives you feedback on your content along the way allows you to speak in your OWN voice in your marketing, while learning to make it more powerful and more tangible to your potential clients. 

Storytelling Program

During this 3 month program, we will work together to revamp your content and make sure you use powerful stories that convert people into raving fans and, most importantly, clients. 

Phase 1

Your life story

Through a live session conducted as an interview, I will ask you questions to help you uncover the powerful moments of your own hero’s journey, so that you can rewrite your story in a way that will resonate with your ideal clients. 

Phase 2

Reading your client’s minds

In this second phase, we will uncover what your clients needs to hear from you in order to clearly understand the power of the transformation you bring into their life. 


Phase 3


Finally, we will brainstorm tons of content ideas and story ideas, so you always know what to write about! We will also align your stories with your next launches and/or with the services you want to sell more. 

Also included in this program: 

  • Recording of the sessions
  • 1 review of your content each month to help you tweak what you create

And the most important of all: the Creepy Cat Service !

When I work with a client over a few months period, I immerse myself in their frequency and I spend time creeping on them online to watch what they do, post, comment, etc. Then, I can send you channelled information, suggestions, ideas for new posts or specific actions you can do that are highly aligned with your own energy. It’s actually really not (that) creepy but very powerful! 


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