Energetic Omnipresence.

You are a spiritual powerhouse in the making.

You know what you want, and your brain moves at the speed of light.

You take massive actions, every day, and you love it.

Not because you like to “hustle for hustle”, but because that’s how you operate.

The money is there, the success as well, but you’re still pretty much a one-woman shop and you are starting to see the limits it is imposing on your business growth and spiritual evolution journey.

You dream of a large audience you can impact daily, but you hate marketing tactics, funnels, webinars… and can’t be bothered to be everywhere.

You know what? It’s fine!

You see, every spiritual entrepreneur has its own energy signature that creates its own omnipresence strategy.

You don’t have to be everywhere, neither should you!

And that’s where my magic comes in: I channel for you the RIGHT content marketing strategy and help you set it up in a way that lets you be in your own flow all the time, while your team does all the heavy lifting behind the scene.


To create full omnipresence, you need to have a strategy that is the right match to your energy, and a team to help you do the heavy lifting behind the scene. You don’t want to be doing everything because, lets just be honest, you get bored wayyyyy too quickly!Hey… who can be “consistent” in their marketing when all they want is to be in their creative FLOW all the time?In this program, I channel for you your unique Energetic Omnipresence Map, and we bring it together to work in your business, with your team.

Phase 1

Energetic Omnipresence Map Creation

Identify your own unique Energetic Omnipresence Map and content marketing flow.  

What’s included 

Together, and through channelling, we identify your unique creation flow, the tools you like to use, the actions you like/dislike, and who are the ideal clients you want to reach. 

Then I go to work to map out the process on paper.

Presentation of your Energetic Omnipresence Map for final approbation.

Phase 2


To make sure you stay in your creative flow all the time, we train your VA to a specific process according to your Energetic Omnipresence Map. 

What’s included

Short session to plan the training of your VA. We decide together what you want to delegate right away versus later and how you want to proceed. 

VA training session. (You can be present or not, at your convenience)

Phase 3

Energetic Omnipresence Map Creation

We brainstorm content marketing and income streams ideas to feed your Omnipresence in an intuitive AND strategic way. 

What’s included

Throughout specific questions and channelling, I help you identify the turning points in your hero journey, and what your clients need to hear from you in order to buy quickly. We will come up with various angles you can use to create powerful content both intuitively and strategically. 

“What’s next” session to map out what you will be working on next, once all the Omnipresence system is in place and fully functioning, in order to grow your audience faster and/or add new income streams to your business. 

If your VA needs some feedback, and has some questions, we can do another session to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Also included 

  • Recording of the sessions
  • Energetic Omnipresence Map in a Google Doc
  • Progress sheet to follow your stats (Your VA will fill it up, don’t worry!)

And the most important of all: the Creepy Cat Service !

When I work with a client over a few months period, I immerse myself in their frequency and I spend time creeping on them online to watch what they do, post, comment, etc. Then, I can send you channelled information, suggestions, ideas for new posts or specific actions you can do that are highly aligned with your own energy. It’s actually really not (that) creepy but very powerful! 


© 2022 Stéphanie Hétu

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